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Ginegar’s mulch films are advanced multi-layer mulch films that are manufactured using two methods – multi-layer blow film co-extrusion and cast (flat die) extrusion. It comes in a variety of thicknesses and colors that farmers can choose between for their specific needs. Clear plastic has the highest soil warming capability (8º-14º F over bare soil), but weed growth underneath can be extreme. Size: Clear: Black Plastic Mulch quantity. An alternative to the clear mulch/herbicide system is the IRT or wavelength selective mulch system. A wide variety of clear plastic mulch options are available to you, such as processing service, plastic modling type. Translucent mulches, such as Olive Mulch, increase soil temperature higher than black plastic mulch, and is best for crops like melons and other vine crops. Plastic mulch can be used effectively to modify soil temperature levels. Also, the plastic film discourages people and pets from walking into the area, which further enhances the structure of the soil. Thank you. C $105.48. If you're gardening or growing commercially you need to use our Plastic Mulch! Radiative ef-fects were observed over a reflective, alumi-num foil mulch that raised daily maximum air The use of clear plastic mulch may also improve seed germination and increase plant stand under cool soil conditions often encountered in the early spring and may improve the yield and quality of sweet corn. The most common plastic mulches used are plain or embossed black polyethylene films between 0.8 and . Mulch protects plants and holds moisture in the soil, but clearing out old mulch is sometimes necessary to improve the health and appearance of the landscape. Cost – The cost of applying plastic mulch can be high both in terms of materials and equipment. How to Clear Mulch. More uniform soil moisture will result in less plant stress. Black, white, and clear plastic mulches are most commonly used in commercial production, with black being the dominant color used for veg-etables. The advantages of using mulch for earliness, increased yields, reduced water application, better weed control and higher prices should offset the increased cost of using plastic mulches. In Stock - Ships FAST! 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