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Other than that, career advancement also existed for employees to pursue a career path within the organization. For international markets, locating commissaries in the same country through joint ventures could be a potential source of success for the company. Going internationalization is the most common approach adopted by McDonalds, Pizza Hut, KFC and Burger King etc. Support Activities Human Resource Management. Course. Intangible Resources:- Human Resources • Knowledgeable employees, trusting work environment, strong leadership managerial, and Jollibee recognizes the employees efforts by offering them high compensation and benefits to reward and retain their employees. STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT 2018, questions and answers. ) As the first head of Jollibee kitchner has a vivid and vibrant focus on generating a huge brand value culminating in to a world class company, he has the attention to detail at all minor aspects of the business ranging from the dress code, vision, research of individual markets, local markets, plans for strategic menus at different segments of the markets as per the local preferences are well planned. It equips the employees with better skills and knowledge as well as aligning them with the company goals. And these key factors lead to the development of Jollibee’s core competencies or its competitive advantage. "You must agree to out terms of services and privacy policy", Don't use plagiarized sources. Jollibee was able to coup up very well during the oil crisis in 1977 with their innovative ideas. 3. BUS488: Strategy Assignment 2 – Individual Assignment 1 July 2011 Presentation PREPARED BY Question 1 Analyzing Jollibee’s internal environment requires evaluating the firm’s portfolio of resources and capabilities. A survey revealed that 69 percent of Filipino respondents visited Jollibee more often, compared with only 16 percent for McDonald’s. Ans. ) Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC) is the Philippines largest Food Service business and is continuously expanding its presence in foreign countries. Highly motivated and well-trained employees. Display tact and sensitivity in responding to customer concerns and swiftly resolving issues. 3. Jollibee case study 1. Outline other alternatives not selected and provide brief reasoning for doing so. Universiti Utara Malaysia . Reputational Resources • From the survey conducted by the De LaSalle University (DLSU), majority of the customers have good and positive perceptions of Jollibee product and reliability – 94% of their customers perceived Jollibee as an “affordable and/or cheap” and 72% cited “Accessibility of its outlets”. Superior family-like atmosphere Benchmarking Internal Competitive Chain Management Consistency & reliability Uniformity COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES: Store Management Motivating & controlling crew members Efficient use of time Five Fs” philosophy Brand Loyalty in the Philippines Local street foods can become major substitutes for Jollibee; however, Jollibee still stands out from the competition because the service and cleanliness offered by Jollibee is better. The consumers liked it very much and soon Jollibee became a house-hold name in the country. docstoc. Jollibee Porter S Five Forces  Porter’s Five forces Porter’s five forces tool will assist in analysing the competitive nature of the airline industry in order to assess the position of Flyafrica. Jollibee could provide the technology while the partner deals with appropriate techniques to sell in the foreign market. When the country political has stabled, Jollibee gained a competitive edge amongst key global players. One of Global QM’s Core Processes is Knowledge Transfer. During the political instability in the 1980s, global players like Macdonald was affected and their expansion process were hold back in view of the turmoil. Threat of substitute products Threat of substitute products is low. On the other hand, all is not well with the financials of Jollibee. These enable an organization to access a wide variety of markets. Jollibee should leverage on deploying new technologies to enhance its operations efficiency. Core competencies are organizational and individual strengths that improve a company's bottom line. As a local company which knows local need and wants well, the company developed its low cost operation systems with local taste. The trainings programs can result in several benefits. Acquisitions Pursue a strategy of diversification as a hedge against both competition and downturns in specific markets niches. There were clear barriers drawn for new entrants to penetrate into the industry. Jollibee ,which was a Filipino chain of restaurants, was forced to change their strategy with the entry of McDonalds in Philippines, which later transformed the company into a global company .The company faced serious challenges with their international exposure. 5. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. By doing so, staffs will be motivated to grow with the company and they are the resources in contributing to the competitive advantage of the company. As a result of this, the company enjoyed substantial economies of scale, operations, procurement and distribution etc. AGENDA• A Brief Story• Values, Vision, Mission, 3B’s• Five Forces Analysis• KSF• Strategic Group Map• Operational Excellence• Serving the Customers• Serving the Employees• Serving the Franchises• Serving the Country• Leadership• Globalization• Let’s Discuss Entrants of global players pose competitions in the fast-food industry. 3. Jollibee Chowking Greenwich Red Ribbon Mang Inasal Jollibee Group Foundation Jollibee Worldwide Services Happyplus JFC COOP English ‎(en)‎ English ‎(en)‎ Tagalog ‎(tl)‎ Vietnamese ‎(vi)‎ 正體中文 ‎(zh_tw)‎ Instead of the formation of a transnational entity, what resulted was the formation of independent federations, trying to resist parental control. University. Attractiveness – quantitative measures if applicable (e.g., NPV, ROI, break-even, payback)? What are the disadvantages of primary group? For the local market, an increase in the number of commissaries could potentially decrease the transportation costs and the duration of shipments. Tangible Resources:- Financial Resources Base on the data given from 1998-2004, Jollibee has shown … Graduates who will pass the competency assessment will be issued their National Certificate (NC) or Certificate of Competency (CoC) by TESDA. With good incentives, it will motivate and encourage the employees to strive harder and advance together with the organization. They have forecasted that the surge in oil price will have direct and adverse effect on the ice cream sector since the production costs are much higher for Ice cream business, thus they have migrated to Burgers. Who are the famous writers in region 9 Philippines? Competitors? com/doc/122235/Jollibee-Foods-Corporation-Strategic-Manageme 3. http://www. To keep up with the competitions, Jollibee use technology to improve its operational efficiency in its restaurants. To achieve this, they should set up R&D divisions in each country and come up with new dishes to cater to local consumers like McDonald’s which came up with vegetarian burgers for India and which was a big … The case highlights the global expansion strategy that they followed backfired due to which they had to consider revamping their strategies. In order to maintain the product value and service, all employees’ performance is reviewed base on achieving the objectives which the organization has set. • The iconic bright red and yellow “Jolly Bee” and the mascot (a blond spaghetti-haired girl name Hetti) for Jollibee has become the trademark logo across nationwide. This includes orientation, training and certification in all FSQ programs (designed by QM Team) of all its customers and interested parties. Allowing the company to focus on the quality of goods. Jollibee would like to wish everyone a joyous Happy Deepavali! ... Jollibee Foods Corporation Website (www.jollibee.com. Its marketing initiatives should target the local populace and it should position itself as a global fast food brand which offers “exotic Filipino cuisine” for everyone. case To what extent can the company transfer its core competency to its international operations? Jollibee Foods Corporation International Expansion Case Analysis Jollibee built its core brand on a selection of key criteria (core competencies) to ensure that they would succeed in a highly competitive fast food environment. Value Chain Analysis. Identifying and exploiting core competencies is seen as important for a … your own paper. CORE COMPETENCIES, AND ACTIVITY ANALYSIS The fundamental building blocks for building winning strategies Key Elements of Business Strategies: Understanding Resources, Capabilities, and Competencies is the key Selecting a business strategy that exploits valuable resources and distinctive competencies (ie. Centering on the theme of “family”, they have been able to differentiate their brand position uniquely in its advertising approach, emphasizing on traditional values of family, and dominating the kid’s market by promoting its Jolly Kiddie meals etc. Jollibee was able to compensate for this increase by corresponding increase in sales and hence this need not be a cause of concern. Read on for a breakdown of the company's mission and vision statements and its core values. Sign in Register; Hide. On a broader scale – imitation of products of Caktiong Values can happen in two ways – Duplication of the products of the company, and competitors coming up with substitute products that disrupt the present industry structure. Use the interview answer insight and advice to help you … Jollibee could facilities had the idea to be the first -mover into untapped markets as he believed that although you may incur losses in the initial years, which can be cross subsidized from Philippines operation, the company will be able to restrict the entry of its competitors. We hope the festival of lights will illuminate your minds and hearts. For Jollibee to compete on the level with multinationals, the firm would have to bring its success in Philippines to the overseas market to continue building a competitive edge.

Heat Illness Prevention Plan, Jammu And Kashmir Flag 2020, How To Become A Personal Care Assistant, Essence Skin Care Products, Navratri Fasting Food Near Me, Most Searched Keywords On Google Play Store, Rowan Alpaca Soft Dk Canada, When To Pick Blackcurrants,